November 19, 2001 pictures here
Here are shots of the center console. He can't keep the coin tray (my mistake, I thought he had come up with a way) so he fiddled around and came up with this. It will be here for the weekend.

For some reason I have yet to take a picture of the shifter installed and the clutch pedal installed . . .

That's your automatic flexplate

The manual trans flywheel installed in place of the flexplate

Pictures of the clutch before installation

The clutch installed

The clutch with bellhousing installed

The manual trans is going in. That's foam you see wrapped around the front of your exhaust pipes . . . from experience I've learned to tape these up before I hit my head too many times.

The outer axle bearing and seal before replacement

Here you can kind of see the piece I had to grind. It's a cylindrical piece that keeps the axles and their c-clips in place. There is a bolt that goes through the carrier and through the cylinder, but the bolt would not come free. I had to grind through the end of the cylinder until I passed through the bolt. Then the cylinder can be removed.

The rear axle completely stripped down:
The front view:

The rear view:

The 4.10 gear set and ABS reluctor

The Torsen posi traction carrier

The replacement pinion yoke with upgraded seal design